Background of the birth of Toriyasaimiso.

Matsuya’s Toriyasaimiso is so popular in Ishikawa that it is one of the representative hot pot dishes for people in the prefecture.
This miso has a long history. Its origin dates back to the Edo Period. Wahei Matsuya, the first head of Matsuya, was running a company to operate Kitamae-bune, cargo ships that sailed the Sea of Japan during the Edo Period. As the sailing of Kitamae-bune was long and harsh, many sailors damaged their health. It was essential to offer nutritious meals to the sailors on board in order to ride out the tough voyage. Then, the head devised and blended nutritious miso to provide them, which was the base of current Toriyasaimiso.
Sailors were very pleased when fish and vegetables were stewed with the miso and served to them. The well-balanced meal supplied the sailors with a plenty of vegetables, which were often lacked in their diet during the voyage.

We maintain the taste invented by our ancestor.

When Matsuya was founded, we named the hot pot dish handed down in our family
“Toriyasaimiso,” which means miso for eating vegetables (“yasai” in Japanese),
and added it to the menu in the restaurant.
This dish won great popularity because the miso soup was so delicious.
In the meantime, responding to people’s desire to enjoy the taste at home,
we started to make Toriyasaimiso available at supermarkets and other
retailers. It has been spread by word of mouth since then,
and is now well-known among many people in Ishikawa Prefecture.
To meet the expectations of our customers,
we will make every effort to produce more delicious
Toriyasaimiso to let people enjoy the taste.

Matsuya’s Product Lineup

  • Going well with various foods Toriyasaimiso

    This miso is good to have with a variety of ingredients. The rich flavor and taste makes people want to taste it again and again. Among various kinds of meat and fish, we especially recommend cooking chicken in the miso. After eating foods in the hot pot, you can put udon noodles in the leftover soup and it is also so yummy. Always have the miso in the stock, and it will help you when there is not much time to cook or you cannot decide what to cook.

  • Rich and piquant Spicy Toriyasaimiso

    This miso contains Matsuya’s original broad bean chili paste. Piquant and pungent ー yet the miso has rich taste and flavor. Pork is the best partner of this miso, and we recommend that you put a plenty of seasonal vegetables and mushrooms along with pork in the hot pot. Enjoying ramen noodles in the leftover soup is the best way to finish the meal. You can also reduce the spicy taste by mixing the miso with Toriyasaimiso.